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Microspheres, Liposomes, Nanoparticles, Suspension,    Emulsion

Complex injections have been drawing much attention for their high technical barriers, obvious clinical advantages, good market performance and the ability to extend product life cycles. In this part, four complex injection preparations are further discussed, including liposome, microsphere, nanoparticle and suspension, and emulsion.


Uniformity of dosage units

Product Category

  • Content variation
In vitro release

Product Category

  • Bath Dissolution (USP Apparatus 1,2)
    1. Manual
    2. Automatic
    3. Manual
    4. Automatic
  • Bathless Dissolution (USP Apparatus 1,2)
    1. Manual
    2. Automatic
  • Hyphenated Dissolution-HPLC system
  • USP Apparatus 4
  • Small volume dissolution
  • iDisso
  • Elab Disso Software
  • Clearview
  • Vibro
  • kloudface
  • kloudbase
  • Media Degasser
  • Suspension adaptor
  • Dissoflux
  • Biowise