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Electrolab Innovation Centre (EIC)

Electrolab Innovation Centre (EIC) offers comprehensive analytical laboratory services to assist and advance the pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical industries in their research and development, manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and regulatory compliance endeavors. With a focus on Accuracy, Precision and scientific expertise, Electrolab Innovation Centre is dedicated to providing the highest standard of analytical support to enable our clients to meets their objectives effectively and efficiently.

Application Lab Testing

The EIC (Electrolab Innovation Centre) situated in Navi Mumbai, harnesses the extensive expertise and innovation of Electrolab in the areas of dissolution, diffusion and disintegration testing. With decades of experience, Electrolab has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge solutions in these fields. The EIC, as an integral part of Electrolab, serves as a hob for research, development and testing, focusing on advancing dissolution, diffusion and disintegration testing methodologies. Our experienced scientist offers fast analytical method development, validation and transfer services to accelerate product approvals for time-sensitive projects.

Rate of Release Assessment

Electrolab innovation centre provide a comprehensive suite of release-rate testing services that caters to various needs in the product development, QC, Batch release and stability assessments with regulatory compliance.

  • Pharmaceutical, Over the counter (OTC) products.

  • Semi-Solid products Diffusion Testing

  • Dissolution Testing of Solid oral dosage forms

  • Dissolution testing for Transdermal, Suppositories and suspension products

  • Microspheres, Nanoparticles, injectables

  • Medical devices and implants.

Analytical Technology

Electrolab Innovation Centre prioritizes rapid turnaround times for price quotes and project delivery focusing on time-to-market concerns. With expertise, quality assurance and extensive experience in testing and analysis, we are the reliable choice for critical stages of product development.

  • UHPLC (Ultra-Highperformance Liquid Chromatography)
  • UV-Visible Spectroscopy
  • Dissoflux 
  • Dermax 
  • Extractr
  • Titrator

Tablet Testing

Apart from dissolution testing, the Electrolab Innovation Centre (EIC) offers expertise in the development and verification of physical characterization/properties for the finished forms like tablets.

  • Tablet: Hardness, weight, Diameter, thickness, width

  • Friability         

  • Tap Density/Bulk Density

  • Manual/Automated Disintegration Testing

Analytical Method Development and Optimization

Electrolab specializes in the development and validation of wide range of methods in accordance with guidelines set forth by the international Council for Harmonisation (ICH) and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These methods are tailored for the testing of Pharmaceutical Products and various other applications within the industry.

  • Dissolution Methods for Solid Dosage form.
  • In-Vitro Release Testing (IVRT)
  • In-Vitro Permeation Testing (IVPT)
  • Transdermal, Ointments, creams, lotions, suspensions
  • Dissolution, Assay and Related Substances Method Development
  • Compendial Method Verification
  • OOS (Out of Specification), OOT (Out of Trend) investigation
  • Analytical Method Lifecycle management
Application testing 1

Training and Education Hub

Our laboratory is outfitted with the state-of-the-art vision series of precision testing instruments, renowned for the exceptional consistency of results and their capability to tackle even the most intricate and demanding analytical testing methods. These cutting-edge instruments empower us to deliver accurate and reliable data, ensuring the highest standards of Quality and precision in our analytical testing processes. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Pre-sales instrument showcase-Equipment Feature and performance display
  • Demonstration of Instrument Capabilities
  • Product development according to QbD (Quality by Design)
  • Analytical Lifecycle management
  • Instrument Programming
  • Instrument installation, operation and Performance Qualification
  • Instrument Health check-ups.

Analytical services

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