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Dissolution Testers – USP 1/2/5/6



TrustE-08 Dissolution Tester Manual Syringe Sampling

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21 CFR
60% savings
Device Checks
Touch Screen
Dilution with Stirring
Audit Trail
Electronic Log Book
Authority Checks
Fingerprint Authentication
Infinity Test
AutoDropSync (Optional)
Multi-Level Security
Multi-stage Filtration
Isolated Temperature Controller
Print Report
Snap-Fit Shaft
Quality by Design
Limited System Access
Accurate and Complete Copies of Records
Metadata Storage
Sample Collector Tray
Motorized Lift Mechanism
7" TFT touch screen display
LAN connectivity allows central printing
Multilevel security with password for 250 users with
user programmable role
Alphanumeric data entry of product and user details
Complies with USP, IP, Ph. Eur. and JP specifications
Unique TimeAction™ function which allows media
changeover and infinity test run, ideal for sustained
and controlled release products
Programmable different aliquot volume for each
sample Interval allows variable dilution
Automatic stirrer height positioning for USP 1, 2, 5, 6,
intrinsic test methods
Easy Snap-Fit shaft locking mechanism for positive
engagement and wobble free operation
Molded clear water bath
Easy to empty and clean water bath with bottom
Precise individual vessel centering system
Adjustable leveling of instrument
Vibration free smooth motorized lift movement
Isolated temperature controller and water circulating
pump (vibration-free & precise) with wake up and
sleep modes which saves time and energy
1000 programmable products
24 programmable sampling intervals
10000 test report storage
Instrument accessories like paddles, baskets, vessels
etc. are laser marked with serial numbers
Designed to minimize routine validation
Programmable report template
Report for online validation of test, monograph, error
log during the test
Programmable sample volume from 1 ml to 20 ml
Audio-visual indicators for system status
Power failure detection and auto recovery facility
Delight technology enabling audio visual indication of
instrument status
Speed rangeVariable speed from 20 to 300 RPM
Speed accuracy±0.5 RPM
Temperature range20◦C to 40◦ C

Temperature accuracy±0.1 C
Display7" TFT touch screen display
No. of protocol1000 maximum
Sample intervalMaximum 24 of 1 min to 999 hrs, 59 min
Printer interfaceserial port (80 column) or any printer (via LAN) post
script or embedded thermal printer (optional)
ConnectivityEthernet, RS – 232 ,RS-485
Bath size (L x W x H)705 x 374 x 200 mm
Heater1 kW/230 VAC, material S.S. 304 with sensor
Dimensions (L x W x H)705 x 505 x 645 mm
Ordering Information
Product CodeDescriptionQuantity
0129504TrustE-08 Manual Syringe Sampling -230V1
0119504TrustE-08 Manual Syringe Sampling -110V1
Standard Accessories
Part numberDescriptionQuantity
0105A00075EDT laser marked basket 40 mesh8
0104A00066EDT basket rod8
0104A00069EDT basket holder with 'O' ring8
0104A00152EDT molded tray for basket, basket holder & rod1
0104A00091Serialized laser marked paddle (USP II)8
0104A00093EDT molded tray for paddles1
0104A00398EDT glass vessel 1000 ml – clear6
0104A00242EDT merlon vessel -1000 ml (clear)2
0104A00042EDT low evaporation vessel lid8
0104A00018EDT V-1234 external probe1
0104BV4114External Temperature Control Unit (ETC-15)1
0104BV4124EDT-Lx V-4 Electrolab Communication Device (ECD)1
0104A00050EDT disposable filters (Packet of 100)1
0104A00439IntegrOS Lite Version1
Manual Syringe Sampling Accessories
Part number DescriptionQuantity
Motorised sampling manifold1
0104A00322Ptfe carrier tubing6
0104A00334Syringe manifold1
0134B00001Individual vessel temperature sensors with cable and
Optional Accessories
Part number
0104A00477EDT ClearView™(230V) Version-2.1

0104A00445Biometrics (200+users and 5 finger prints each)1
0909A0000840 column embedded printer1
0104A00398EDT Laser marked glass vessel 1000 Ml -
clear with sigma delta certificate
0104A00401EDT laser marked glass vessel 1000 ml -
amber with sigma delta certificate
0104A00259EDT merlon vessel 1000ml amber (N)1
0104A00440IntegrOS standard version1
0104A00438IntegrOS pro version with 21 CFR1