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Disintegration Tester


Disintegration Tester EDI-2SA

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external Keyboard
Date and time lock
maintenance free
park out
temperature range
Complies with USP, IP, Ph. Eur. specifications
Bathless heating (saves water, time, electricity)
Bathless disintegration tester is maintenance-free
Specially designed efficient heater plates for vessel,
heats media quickly
Basket park-out from beaker
Disintegration time registration of individual tablets
Test results and validation gets printed
Individual motor and timer with external probe for
each basket
Magnetically coupled basket for easy loadingbasket for easy loading
20 Different users can loginprotocols
Date & Time Lock Facility
1000 ml glass beakers (2 nos.)
Basket2 nos. each carrying 6 test positions (dimensions as per latest USP)
Guided disc
Perforated cylindrical disc 6 nos. in each basket (dimensions as per latest USP)
Printer interface

Centronics Serial port
20 x 4 LCD
MotorSingle shaft 6V DC motor 10 kg cm torque (2 nos.)
IlluminationGreen LED
Power supply
230 V AC, 50 Hz, 490 VA
No. of strokes
30 ±0.5 strokes/min

Stroke height
55 mm ±2 mm
Readable temperature range
10° C to 45° C
Controlled temperature range
15° C to 40° C
Temperature resolution
±0.2° C
Dimension ( W x L x H)360 x 372 x 573
Weight Net 25 kgs, Gross 30 kgs
Ordering Information
Product CodeDescriptionQuantity
0241300 EDI-2SA (Body made of S.S.) -230V
0221300 EDI-2SA (Body made of M.S.) -230V
0231300 EDI-2SA (Body made of S.S.) -110V
0211300 EDI-2SA (Body made of M.S.) -110V1
Standard Accessories
Part number
0201A00013EDI Beaker 1000 ml2
0201A00009ED-PO Six Tube Basket Assembly With Guided Disc (Set of 2)1
0201A00016EDI-2SA External Probe2
0201B00053 Keyboard1
Optional Accessories
Part number
0214A000105EDI Heater cover with spacer1
0214A00004EDI Stand for external probe (set of 2)1
0213A00004EDI-2SA Cover - Front & Back (S.S)1
0213A00002EDI- 2SA External probe1
0213A00003EDI- SA Stroke height lable. (set of 2)1
0201A00009ED- PO Six tube basket assembly with guided disc2