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 Peristaltic Pump 



V Series Pump PP-50VX

Variable speed drive
Contamination free pumping
Self priming and can safely run dry
Positive displacement, no back flow
Virtually maintenance free
Bi- directional (reversible) flow
Easy to install and operate
Accurate and repeatable flow rates
Instant start / stop and reverse facility
24 x 7 continuous operation
ModelPeristaltic Pump
Pump HeadMade of engineering plastic (Supec)
Head TypeSpring loaded track - dual roller
MotorStepper motor
Torque of the Motor10 Kg./ cm
RPM1 to 200
Tube SizeMin.1mm to Max.4mm ID (1.5mm wall thickness)

Flow Rates 0.2 ml/min to 280 ml/min (Depending upon the tube sizes)
DirectionBi-directional (Clockwise & anti-clockwise)
Input Power230V AC / 50 Hz
Operation100% duty cycle
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