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Dissolution Testers – USP 1/2/5/6



Tablet Disintegration Tester- EDI-2I

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Complies with USP, IP and Ph. Eur. specifications
Supports 2 USP baskets
Each basket is controlled by independent timer and
Snap-click TM loading and a swivel free basket movement
Green illumination for better visibility of disintegration
Programmable temperature controller
Auto parking of the baskets at the top position at the end
of the test
Ergonomically designed splash proof panel
External probe for beaker temperature validation
Dual range timer
Maintenance-free smooth drive
Bathless heating (saves water, time, electricity)
Bathless Disintegration Tester is maintenance-free
Specially designed efficient heater plates for vessel, heats
the media quickly
Number of basket2
Number of strokes30 + 0.5 strokes/minute
Stroke length55 mm + 2 mm
Number of tubes per basket6
No. of motors2
Motor typeDC stepper motor of 6V DC and
3.5 kg cm torque
Range20 C to 39.9 C
Display (Temp)3 digit LED
No. of timers2
Display (Timer)4 digit LED each
Power consumption490 VA
Dimensions (L x W x H)350 x 390 x 510 mm
WeightNet : 23 kgs
Gross : 32 kgs
Ordering Information
Product Code
0241500 EDI-2I (Body made of S.S.) - 230V1
0221500EDI-2I (Body made of M.S.) - 230V1
0231500EDI-2I (Body made of S.S.) - 110V1
0211500EDI-2I (Body made of M.S.) - 110V1
Standard Accessories
Part number
0201A00013Glass beaker2
0201A000216 tube basket assembly2
0201A00004Guided discs12
0201A00014External probe1
Optional Accessories
Part number
0201A000103 tube bolus basket2
0201A000111 tube bolus basket2
0201A00007Magnetic guided disc12
0201A00018Disc handing device1