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Disintegration Tester



Tablet Disintegration Tester EDI-2

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Bathless heating saves (water, time, electricity)
Quick heating of media attains media temperature 50% faster as compared to disintegration tester with bath
Bathless disintegration tester enhances visual observation
Parking of baskets at the top position at the end of the test with an alarm
Two individual sensor measures beaker temperature
Green illumination from bottom for better visibility of disintegration process
Programmable timer with dual range in min-sec, hrs-min and in continuous mode
Snap-click loading and a swivel free basket movement
Maintenance free smooth drive
Suitable for veterinary tablets and supports for bolus basket
No. of stations2
No. of strokes30± 0.5strokes/min
Stroke Height55mm± 2mm
Controlled temperture range20ºCto 39.9ºC
Temperature resolution± 0.10C
TimerRange 1: 1 sec to 99 min and 59 sec
Range 2: 1 min to 9 hrs 59 min
Display4 digit LED
Printer interface-
PC connectivity-
No. of motors1
IlluminationGreen Light
Dimensions (L x W x H)400 mm x 365 mm x 510 mm
Weight (Kg)18
Ordering Information
Product CodeDescriptionQuantity
0211400Tablet Disintegration Tester Model EDI-2 (MS) 110V1
Tablet Disintegration Tester Model EDI-2 (SS) 110V1
Standard Accessories
0201A00004Guided disc for six tube basket assembly (Set of 6)1
0202A00009Six tube basket assembly with guided disc (Set of 2)1
0213A00001EDI Glass Beaker 1000 ml (Set of 2)1
0213B00001External temperature probe1
Optional Accessories
PartcodeDescription Quantity
0201A00007DT Magnetic Guided Disc (Set of 12)1
0202A00010DT-L Three Tube Basket Assembly with Guided Disc (Set of 2)1
0202A00018DT Disc Handling Device1
0202A00020DT-L Validation Kit for Disintegration Tester1