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Solution Preparator



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Solutions can be routinely prepared on a weight-to-weight, Normal, Molal or Molar basis exactly the same every time pellets
Solvent delivery rate is 100 mL/minute.
Automatic stirring capability for mixtures that need to be stirred.
Clear acrylic lid with magnetic interlock for safe operation
Interchangeable glass sample containers for rapid throughput
Oscillation frequency verification certificate (optional)
Minimum Volume50 ml
Maximum Volume7 L
Solution Accuracy± 1 or 2 drops
Drop Size0.30 gram
Solvent Weighing Precision0.01 grams (about 10 microlitres)
Standard Balance Capacity6200 g
Pump TypePulseless, self-priming, magnetically-coupled gear pumps. No rotating seals
Solvent Delivery Rate100 ml/min each pump
No. of User Passwords20
No. of Method Store100
Full GMP Validation Package Available
No. of solvent PumpsFrom two to eight
ComputerBuilt in, touch screen PC with windows XP operating system
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