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 Peristaltic Pump 



Piston Pump

316 stainless steel and die casting aluminum piston pump head material optional
Suitable for transmission of high-temperature high pressure liquid widely used in laboratories, industrial and other places
With streamlined body design, ABS engineering plastic shell
Three type of motors are available: stepper motor, servo motor, dc brushless motor
ModelPiston pump
outlet pressure≤0.69MPa
External speed control signal 0-5v , 0-10v , 4-20mA
start / stop Passive switch signal , such as foot pedal Active switch signal 5v, 12v, 24v for option
communication interfaceRs 232 , RS 485 support MODBUS protocol (RTU mode)
Motor type LabPV-2 / LabPF-2/ LabPM-L stepper motor
LabPV-M / LabPF-M/ LabPM-M, servo motor
LabPV-H / LabPF-H/ LabPM-H Brushless DC motor
Power Supply Ac 220v±10% 50Hz/60Hz (standard)
AC 110v±10% 50Hz/60Hz (optional)
Drive weight 4.4kg
Drive dimension261.4 x 157.3 x 236.9mm
Power Consumption<100W
Condition temperature 0-40°
Relative humidity<80%
IP rateIP31
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