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What is the PBPKPlus™ Module?

The PBPKPlus™ Module extends GastroPlus™ to define a physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model consisting of various tissues. You can easily simulate the distribution and elimination of compound throughout the body and track concentrations in any tissue. Any tissue can employ fixed intrinsic clearance and with the Metabolism and Transporter Module, saturable (Michaelis-Menten) metabolism and transport (influx and efflux) can be incorporated. Tissues can be defined as needed, or default models can be used with a standard set of compartments:

The PBPKPlus™ Module also provides:

Generation of physiological model parameters (tissue weights and volumes, perfusion rates, etc…) with our built-in PEAR Physiology™ (Population Estimates for Age-Related Physiology). Current physiology models are:

  • Human (American or Asian, male or female, healthy, liver disease, obesity, renal impairment – based on age)
  • Infant/pediatric groups    
  • Rat    
  • Dog
  • Mouse
  • Monkey
  • Rabbit
  • Minipig