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Friability Tester



Dual Drum Friability Tester with Weighing Scale Interface EF-2W

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Complies with USP, IP, Ph. Eur. specifications
Dual drum friability tester
Alphanumeric keypad to enter the product and sample information
Test data for ten different drugs can be saved as protocols
Security with 50 users (Login/Password)
Programmable counter and timer modes of operation
Variable speed from 20 to 60 RPM
Weighing scale interface
Real time clock
Unique front loading system of the drums
Filling of samples without removing the drum
Supports ELECTROLAB ADTM (Patented) and Abrasion drum with lamellas
Automatic discharge of the test samples into the tray
10° tilt of the drum with the bench top as per USP
Snap-click knob to hold the drum
Calculation of result like % friability and weight loss
Continuous validation of RPM and count
Complete test validation report with % friability for both drums
Unique power failure detection, resumes the test after power recovery
Serial port for PC connectivity and test validation report printout
SpeedVariable speed from 20 to 60 RPM
Accuracy+0.5 RPM
TimerSettable from 1 sec. to 9 hrs. 59 min59 sec.
Counter1 to 9999 revolutions
No. of drums2
Power Supply220/230 V A.C., 50/60 Hz, 20VA
Display24 x 2 character LCD
Dimension ( W x L x H)
316.9x 345 x 434.59
Ordering Information
Product Code
0420300EF-2W (Body made of S.S.) -230V1
0440300EF-2W (Body made of M.S.) -230V1
0430300EF-2W (Body made of S.S.) -110V1
0410300EF-2W (Body made of M.S.) -110V1
Standard Accessories
Part numberDescriptionQuantity
0402A00009EF Friability drum 1
0403A00005EF-2W New Table collection tray with drawer (HIPS)1
0402A00005EF 10 Degree tilt with rear side legs (set of 2)1
0401A00001Ef Drum Locking Knob1
0405515IQ/OQ Document fore friability tester model EF-2W 1
Optional Accessories
Part number
0403A00006EF-2W Tablet Collection Drawer for new tray (HIPS position A/B)1
0402A00019EF-2W 14 Pin frc cable from processor to driver card 1
0402A00017EF-2/ EF-2W Drum holding shaft 1