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Dissolution Testers – USP 3/7



ERD-07 Reciprocating Dissolution Tester


Complies to current USP Apparatus 7 specifications
Ideal for extended release products or any dosage form requiring release profiling at multiple pH levels
Select between multiple configurations of rows, vessels and vessel volume to meet testing needs for USP 7
20 programmable protocols with 24 sample intervals
2 level security with password
Touch screen with graphical display for user friendly operation
Dip rate ranges between 5 to 50 dpm with an accuracy of ±1%
Programmable hold, drain time and programmable dip rate in each row
Temperature range between 30° C to 40° C with an control accuracy of ± 0.2° C
Online validation of dpm and temperature
Rugged clear acrylic Water bath
PC & LAN Connectivity allows centralized printing, storing and sharing of data
Retractable curtain to prevent media loss by evaporation
Can be configured with 100 ml and 1000 ml capacity vessels along with vessel tray
Material of ConstructionSS 316
Water BathClear acrylic moulded water bath
Bath capacity44 litres
No. of rows6
Vessel capacity (ml)300
Reciprocating height (mm)100
No. of dips rate (dpm)5 to 50
Accuracy (°C)± 0.2
Controlled temperature range (°C)30 to 40
DisplayTouch screen
MotorSingle shaft Motor 10 kg cm
Heater1000 Watts, 230 V AC, S. S 304
Mains fuse1 Amp
Heater fuse6 Amp
Dimension (L X W X H)795 X 675 X 780 mm
Ordering Information
Product CodeDescriptionQuantity
1120100ERD-07 (Body made of M.S.) -230V1
1110100ERD-07 (Body made of M.S.) -110V1
Standard Accessories
Part number
1102A0002950 ml vessels42
1102A00022Reciprocating cylinders7
Optional Accessories
Part number
1101A00001 100 ml Vessels (6 rows X 7 vessel each) :42
1101A00021Reciprocating cylinder assembly for 100 ml vessel
1101A00017Evaporation caps for 100 ml
1101A00004Vessel stand for 100 ml vessel
USP 7 arm for 100 ml vessel
1101A00040300 ml vessels (6 rows X 7 vessel each) :1 Set
Reciprocating cylinder assembly for 300 ml vessel
Evaporation Caps for 300 ml
Vessel Stand for 300 ml vessel
USP 7 arm for 300 ml vessel
1101A000031000 ml vessels :1 Set
1101A00023Reciprocating cylinder assembly for 1000 ml vessel
1101A00019Evaporation caps for 1000 ml
1101A00006Vessel stand for 1000 ml vessel
USP 7 arm for 1000 ml vessel