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Drug Drug Interaction

What is the DDI Module?

The DDI Module in GastroPlus® allows you to predict mechanistic and static drug-drug interactions (DDIs) among drugs and metabolites. The ability to accurately estimate potential DDIs in silico has several benefits for pharmaceutical companies:

  • Explore possible effects on the pharmacology and toxicology of drugs
  • Identify species-specific changes to estimate how a drug behaves in animals vs. humans
  • Investigate the safety profile of drugs that are co-administered prior to filing regulatory submissions with the FDA, EMA, and other agencies

With the DDI Module, calculating either mechanistic steady-state and/or dynamic drug interactions is managed through our easy-to-use interface. We provide a database of validated compound model files (>30) for which all relevant parameters (including reported Kis and full compartmental PK & PBPK models) are defined. Of course, you may predict DDIs among any drugs by simply entering the required inputs. As with other GastroPlus modules, there is no equation or code writing required.