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Dissolution Testers – USP 1/2/5/6



DermaX (Auto)

Cells available in variable sizes provides flexibility
Variable volumes possible due to swappable stirrers provides flexibility
Low evaporation cap attached to the cell prevents evaporation
All components made from inert material avoids contamination and compatibility issues
Sensors for identification of sample tray type and
tray alignment
prevents error, brings convenience
Specially designed towards-gravity sampling syringes possesses near zero dead volume, high precision
Covered sample collector tray protects samples from dust and contamination,
prevents evaporation
Interactive touch screen Aids functioning, increases convenience
Increased protocol storage space, number of
users and access levels
increases compliance,eases setup
Biometric login increases compliance
Electronic logbook and audit trail provides 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, eases regulatory burden
ModelDermaX 14
No. of stations14
Temperature20 - 45°C
Control accuracy± 1.0°C
RPM200 - 1000
RPM accuracy± 2 RPM
Cell typeSmall, Medium and Large (Clear and amber
Cell volume (depending on cell and stirrer type)8 - 31mL
Dosage volume0.25 - 6.3 mL
Infinity runYes
Media changeoverYes
No.of sampling intervals18 (9/cell block)
Storage Tray7 *18 rows (regular HPLC vials
Displaymulti touch capacitive 7" screen
Protocol Storage1000
Test Report Storage10000
SecurityMultilevel with password for 250 users with 10 user
programmable role
Report PrintoutEthernet, RS – 232
Biometric finger printOptional
Thermal printerOptional
Dimensions (L X W X H)880 X 590 X 650 (mm)
Weight60kg (approx)