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 Volumeter EV-02

Complies with USP, Ph. Eur. and ASTM specifications
Measures the bulk density of fine powders and
similar products
Easy calculation of bulk density in terms of g/ml
Useful in calculating powder flow-ability index
Product codeM.S. : 0320400
S.S. : 0340400
Top funnel with mesh / material16‐Mesh
0.56 mm wire dia
1.03 mm opening
Baffle / Material4 Nos. / Glass
Baffle box / Material45 mm x 45 mm / Stainless steel
Bottom funnelStainless steel
Density cups
Cylindrical volume25.00 ml ± 0.05 ml
Inner diameter30.00 mm ± 2.00 mm
Cube volume16.39 ml ± 0.2 ml
(1.000 in³ ± 0.003 in³)
Cube size25.4 mm ± 0.076 mm
Instrument standLevel and vibration free
Distance between bottom
funnel lower opening &
top of the density cup
19 mm (3/4 in.)
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