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Additional Dosage Routes

What is the Additional Dosage Routes Module?

The Additional Dosage Routes Module in GastroPlus extends the program beyond the traditional oral and intravenous drug administration routes. With this module, you can simulate mechanistic absorption and disposition through dermal (topical and subcutaneous), intraoral (oral cavity), pulmonary (intranasal and respiratory), ocular, and NEW! intramuscular routes. The ability to predict concentration profiles in different regions of the skin, mouth, eye, lungs, nose, and muscle can help you:


  • Explore various formulation/drug delivery options to achieve desired therapeutic effects
  • Identify species-specific changes to estimate how a drug is handled in animals vs. humans

 the Additional Dosage Routes Module, simulating concentrations through these sites is managed through our easy-to-use interface. Mechanistic, physiologically-based models are provided for each tissue, for different species. You can also customize your own physiology by entering available information into the program. These models are linked with either compartmental or physiologically-based pharmacokinetics (PBPK) & physiologically based biopharmaceutics modeling (PBBM)  in GastroPlus, so you may predict your drug’s distribution and elimination once it enters into the systemic circulation.