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Our Team

Amit Marfatia

(Co-founder and Director)

Amit Marfatia is the Co-founder and Director of Electrolab, which is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Having co-founded it in 1984 from 250 sq ft of working area, he is instrumental in expanding it to over 100,000 sq ft of the working area. He earned his graduate degree in Commerce from Gujarat University and an MBA from California, USA. In his free time, he enjoys gardening and mentoring entrepreneurs on business expansion.

Bharat Zaveri

(Co-founder and Director)


Bharat Zaveri is the Co-founder and the Technical Director of Electrolab. He has been rewarded several patents for innovative design and technology. He earned his B.Sc. (Physics) from Bombay University and B.Sc. Tech. (Electronics and Biomedical Instrumentation) from UDCT, where he topped the University with 94%. He co-founded Electrolab while in the 2nd year of Engineering. In his free time, he enjoys listening to Indian classical music.

Aditya Marfatia

(Co-founder and Director)

Aditya Marfatia is a Director of Electrolab. He has had a multi-faceted career spanning product development, strategic planning, sales and marketing, operations, and project management. Having joined Electrolab in 2009, he takes a keen interest in innovation and new product development along with collaborations and partnerships with global companies. He focuses on developing the vision and long-term strategy for growth and market penetration. He has numerous years of experience with Pfizer (New York), Novartis (New Jersey), Knoll Pharmaceuticals (Goa), Sun Pharma Advanced Research Center (Mumbai) in addition to consulting companies. He has been an invited speaker to several international scientific conferences and has published numerous articles in domestic and international journals. He has a BPharm from Mumbai and a Master’s degree from the USA. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and playing video games.