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Pioneering Developer of research-grade TEWL + Skin Hydration Measurement Devices AquaFlux & Epsilon

 TEWL measurement device uses a unique patented technology that eliminates weaknesses associated with other open and closed chamber TEWL measurement devices, providing users with unrivalled application flexibility, sensitivity and accuracy.

AquaFlux™ Model AF200 TEWL Measurement Device


TEWL is the flux of (liquid) water diffusing through the Stratum Corneum (SC), from the Viable Epidermis (wet) to the surface (dry). The skin surface remains dry because the TEWL water evaporates into the adjacent air. The AquaFlux™ is the top-performing skin hydration measurement instrument with a unique patented technology that overcomes challenges of both open and closed-chamber methods with a condenser that continuously removes water vapour by converting it to ice. The AquaFlux™ out-performs all its competitors in terms of accuracy, sensitivity, repeatability, reproducibility and versatility

Epsilon™ Model E100 Contact Imaging System

Skin Hydration Measurement Instrument

The Epsilon™ integrated technology provides both image and hydration data simultaneously (suitable for both in vivo + in vitro measurements). It differs from similar devices in its linear and calibrated response, where every pixel in the image provides a reproducible measurement that can be interpreted in terms of hydration. Equipped with 76800 sensors the Epsilon™ can measure SC hydration with greater accuracy and flexibility than conventional single-sensor probes. Its proprietary technology maps the sensor’s non-linear response onto a linear scale with a capacitance range from air to water. Its calibration ensures that every pixel in the image provides a reproducible  measurement  that can be interpreted in terms of hydration.