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Dissolution Testers – USP 1/2/5/6



KYTOSE Multi-tube Vortex Shaker-KRS-12

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The intelligent vortex shaker has programmable speed
up to 3200 RPM for vigorous mixing of capped vessels
Platform rotation orbit of 5 mm
Accommodates from 18 tubes (30 mm dia) to 72 tubes
(11 mm or 13 mm dia)
Continuous and intermittent modes of operation
Programmable automatic switching between
continuous and intermittent modes (Patent pending)
Visual and audible alert on test completion
Ideal for biochemical assays, resuspending pellets,
vortexing cell suspensions or drug extractions
Rotor rotation speed (RPM)100 to 3500
Maximal centrifugal force (RCF)2300
Timer (min)1 to 99
The level of noise 1 m in distance (dB)not more than 55
Working range of temperatures ( C)+10 to +40
Relative air moisture at 20 C (%)80
Voltage and frequency220 V, 50 Hz
Maximal consumable power320 W
Dimensions (LxWxH430 x 400 x 185
Weight (kg)10
Ordering Information
Product Code
1220100KVS-50 (Body made of M.S.) -230V1
1210100 KVS-50 (Body made of M.S.) -110V1
Standard Accessories
Part number
1205A00004Adapter for 50 tubes of 16 mm dia1
Optional Accessories
Part number
1202A00001Adapter for 18 tubes of 30 mm dia
1202A00002Adapter for 72 tubes of 11 mm dia1
1202A00003Adapter for 72 tubes of 13 mm dia1