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Physical Testers

KYTOSE Centrifuge-Mixer-KCM-70M-09

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Adjustable Timer 0.1 - 99 min
Liquid Mixing
Modes of Operation
Variable Rotation Speed
Compact centrifuge and mixer in one device due to
angular rotor on the special stepper motor
6 modes of effective liquid mixing
Variable rotation speed (4000 to 9000 RPM)
Adjustable timer from 0.1 min up to 30 min
Sample Preparation (SP) function allows the selection of
spin-mix-spin sequence. This enables excellent results
working with small volumes of samples achieving:
Faster procedure
Significant economy
High accuracy
Better convenience
User selectable mixing strength and duration
Sound alert on test completion
Ideal for medical, biological, microbiological and many
other laboratories
Rotor rotation speed (RPM)4000 to 9000
Maximal centrifugal force (RCF)5200
Timer (min)0.1 to 30
Power supply adapter220-230 V/24 VAC
Dimensions (L x W x H)190 x 170 x 115 mm
Weight (kg)1.3
Ordering Information
Product CodeDescriptionQuantity
1220300KCM-70M-09 (Body made of M.S.) -230V1
1210300KCM-70M-09 (Body made of M.S.) -110V1
Standard Accessories
Part numberDescriptionQuantity
1206A00002Universal rotor1
Optional Accessories
Part number
1205A000110.2 ml PCR strip rotor1