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21 CFR Part 11 compliant
View real time status of all connected to instruments,
whether in idle, prepare or run modes
View real time RPM (graph), temperature (graph),
elapsed time from last sampling point, remaining time
for next sampling point, elapsed time from start of
test, remaining time for end of test, protocol and
View current running tests as well as entire history of
the machine following connection to kloudbase server
(serves as a log book for all dissolution tests)
Set specific tolerance parameters for RPM and
temperature with alerts if the reading is outside of
acceptable range
Multi-level security
No software installation required
Access the application via a web browser located
anywhere in the world via a secured connection
Simultaneously access the kloudbase application via
any number of nodes
One kloudbase server can connect to numerous
instruments simultaneously
Optional WiFi capability for laboratories where LAN
connection is absent
Remotely print reports to any connected printer
Archive, export and transfer the data to an existing
LIMS system via ASCII format
Kloudbase server - 500 GB storage (usable 450 GB)
Internet Explorer 7+ or Mozilla Firefox 3+ or Google Chrome 9+
Kloubase 64-bit,Technical Specs (8-16 Gb RAM,i7 Processor quad core
processor,min 1Tb HDD)